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Campus Landscape Vision and Site Standards


The Campus Landscape Vision and Site Standards document is an articulation of a vision for the campus landscape through the presentation of design guidelines and site standards for the university. It complements the 2011 Long Range Master Plan and addresses the same areas of the campus. This companion document seeks to ensure that the implementation of the master plan results in a cohesive landscape that communicates the academic excellence of the university and provides a comfortable and attractive home for the university community.


In the spring of 2012, Carol R. Johnson Associates began work to articulate a campus landscape vision for the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture. Working with the Landscape Technical Committee through group and individual meetings, input was gathered and integrated into recommendations that were presented to the Landscape Advisory Committee. Input from members of Facilities Services was also solicited via a campus workshop, in recognition of the role that maintenance, careful design, and material selection play in creating high-quality landscapes that convey university excellence.

Input from student representatives was also solicited to inform the creation of a design for the Presidential Courtyard. This residential space was one of four priority areas identified by both committees as key site improvement projects to be undertaken by the university as an initial application of the campus landscape vision guidelines and site standards. These four projects, like all future projects on the campus, will be subject to review by the newly formed Campus Planning and Design Committee. The committee will serve to ensure adherence to the 2011 Long Range Master Plan as well as the Campus Landscape Vision and Site Standards.