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Master Plan Long-term Projects

UT Knoxville Campus

State Funds
Estabrook Renovation
Henson Hall Renovation
HPER Building Replacement
Law Complex Addition
McClung Museum Renovation and Expansion
Music Building Addition
Academic Building IV (Gibbs Hall site)
Academic Building V (former Student Health Services site)
Academic Building VI (Lake Avenue)
Academic Building VII (Greve/Dunford site)
Academic Building VIII/III Addition/A–A Addition (McClung Tower)
Academic Building X (Lake/Terrace area)
Academic Building XI (Lake/Terrace area)
Academic Building XII (Lake/Terrace area)
Academic Building XIII (Lake/Terrace area)
Academic Building XIV (Lake/Terrace area)
Class Lab Building III (Senter Hall))
Class Lab Building IV (Clement site)

Other Funds
Hess Hall Renovation
Lake Avenue Parking Garage Expansion (700 spaces)
McClung Museum Renovation and Expansion
New Parking Garage (Volunteer W, 1,700 spaces)
New Special Purpose Building
Residential Life building Phase I (West)
Residential Life building Phase II (East)
Volunteer Boulevard Parking Garage Expansion (900 spaces)

Institute of Agriculture Campus

State Funds
CVM Small Animal Hospital Renovation
North Central Greenhouse Replacement Project
Morgan Hall Renovation and Expansion

Other Funds
Research Building III
Research Building IV