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Master Plan Mid-term Projects

UT Knoxville Campus

State Funds
College of Nursing Renovation and Expansion
Academic Building (Silverstein-Luper Building site)
EPS/Nielsen Complex Renovation and Expansion
Clarence Brown Theatre/Ula Love Doughty Carousel Theatre Renovation and Expansion
Academic Building II (Stokely Athletics site)
Perkins Hall Renovation and Expansion
Class Lab Building II (Cumberland and James Agee Street site)
Ferris Hall Renovation and Expansion
Art/Architecture Renovation and Art/Architecture/Humanities Addition (HSS)
Academic Building III – Phase I (HSS Quadrangle)
Austin Peay Renovation
Dougherty Renovation
Pasqua Nuclear Engineering
Dabney–Buehler Renovation and Reconfiguration

Other Funds
Andy Holt Tower Garage Replacement (800 Spaces)
Parking Garage (Stokely Athletics site, 600 Spaces)
New Residence Hall (700 beds, Shelbourne Towers site)*
Presidential Courtyard (Exterior Public Space) Renovation
Morrill Hall Renovation*

Institute of Agriculture Campus

State Funds
Class Lab Building (McCord Hall site)
UT Gardens Education & Visitor Center (split funding)
Greenhouse Replacement Project (Phase I)
CVM Research Space Renovation and Expansion
Research Building I
Research Building II

Other Funds
UT Gardens Education & Visitor Center (split funding)
North Trial Gardens Expansion (TBD)

* Currently under review and subject to change