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Master Plan Process

2022 Master Plan – In Process

The 2022 Master Plan is currently in process. The master plan will align our buildings and infrastructure with the university’s Strategic Vision. Updates and opportunities for feedback will be posted throughout the process.

The 2011 Master Planning Process

In December 2009, Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek established the nineteen-member Master Plan Advisory Committee to lead the process of updating the campus plan. The committee has met regularly since that time, working closely with Bullock Smith & Partners, a Knoxville firm, which developed the original plan in 1994 and guided the 2001 updates. Wilbur Smith Associates are also involved in the process as consultants on the transportation aspects of the plan.

The Master Plan Advisory Committee represents the interest of students, faculty, and staff. In addition to the advisory committee, seven subcommittees have been working on specific elements of the plan. They are chaired by advisory committee members who are faculty or administrators with expertise in the areas of academics, research, facilities, design and historic preservation, energy and environment, student housing and engagement, and parking and transit services.


Among the goals are to define current and future facility needs; promote a sense of community; integrate instruction, research, student living, and student life; and create a pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly environment. Considerations of traffic, parking, and related infrastructure are taken into account, along with how to promote sound environmental policies and development and building practices. The goals are considered with the greater context of the City of Knoxville. Finally, it sets forth the steps needed to implement the final master plan.

After analysis and review of alternative concepts, the committee chose a preferred concept in January 2011. The university’s consultants drafted the preliminary master plan.

Draft to Final Report

After approximately a month of stakeholder meetings and public input during the months of April and May, a final draft was submitted to the UT Board of Trustees.  The board approved it in June 2011.  The Tennessee State Building Commission approved and adopted it in September 2011.